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Bea Alexander Pilates :

  • Bea Alexander
  • Gill Bertram
  • Rebecca Palmer
  • Valentina Pintus
  • Andy Marr
  • Hannah Venet
  • Katy Bromberg

Bea Alexander is one of the longest standing full time Pilates teachers in Edinburgh, teaching both matwork and Pilates with the studio apparatus Joe Pilates invented. Bea teaches people of all levels of fitness, from the injured to the super-fit athlete, but specialises in injury rehabilitation and teaching people with conditions such as osteoarthritis, herniated discs, cancer, MS, strokes and osteoporosis.

She owns and runs The Private Grange Pilates Studio and Central Studio.

Pilates Foundation LogoBea, Gill and Rebecca are Pilates Foundation UK trained teachers. This is a not-for-profit, teacher-run organisation, offering the longest, most rigorous training in the UK. It gives us the skills to work with all people, from those with injuries and health conditions through to the very fit athlete, plus pregnant and post-pregnant women.

Hannah did matwork training with Brigid McCarthy who used to run Pilates Foundation UK training but has since set up her own. Katy did her training with APPI, Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute and Valentina trained in Florence at a  very well respected and long-standing Pilates studio.

Bea and Katy are amongst the few teachers in Edinburgh who are also fully trained in the apparatus Joe Pilates invented as well as mat class teaching. (Please see ‘About Pilates.’)

Andy Marr is our Bea Alexander Pilates Administrator.  He also goes to studio Pilates sessions himself.


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