Studio Pilates

Joe Pilates invented pieces of large apparatus to do his exercises on – this is Studio Pilates. It adds a new dimension to matwork as the ‘machines’ help stretch the body, build muscle and improve your proprioception. Exercising and learning in the studio gives you the benefit of the equipment, provides more variety of exercises and brings you the benefit of our very experienced individual tuition. The Grange Private Studio and Central Studio are small and fully equipped studios with Balanced Body Pilates apparatus shipped from California.


Private Pilates & Yoga Matclasses

This is a great way of learning Pilates faster and very accurately. It is useful if you attend a matclass but feel you would like individual help with exercises you find difficult; if you would like to build a home programme of exercise, for those can’t make regular matclasses or those with injuries or conditions which mean they need more attention than a group matclass provides. You can come for a one-off session to work on something specific or have a regular weekly appointment.  Gill Bertram is both a Pilates and Yoga teacher and can teach either or both simultaneously.